Math invented universe

Pursuing the idea that we live in a universe where all things maintain a close connection and share a common … More

Genetic Conversations

The DNA of every living being is unique, it’s a code that defines the existence and particular configuration of life. … More

Alterbodies: Landscapes of perception

“Alterbodies: Landscapes of perception”, explores the relationship and interaction between man and machines, as well as how some technologies allow us to experience the perception of the human body in different ways. As a result of this exploration, several machines were proposed that are aimed to experiment with, and modify perception.


Plastidermic is a project of material exploration inspired by microbiology. This work is based on the relationship established with the structure of textiles researched in previous works. The process involved an exploration of traditional textile techniques as crochet and dyeing. Materials that automatically generate and resemble cellular structures were proposed.


Foresta is a trip through a fragment of the fauna and flora of Colombia. This collection travels the river spotting … More

Visceral Femininity

Corporal and jewelry prototypes that explore visceral femininity and emotions derived from it. Skin reactions, the ephemeral,  and the scars … More