FOUND MACHINES: poetechs of screens

Found Machines is a project that was conceived from all the apparent mechanical and trivial instructions that a computer machine gives us. With one click, we disregard the subtle way in which a button says “Back to start” or “Remember me”. Behind these interactions, an implicit poetic exists; hidden in simple actions of a machine we engage in conversation all day with.

I made and inventory of screenshots of different programs and platforms and then I converted them in little physical screens.

Machine for moms in general. It says: “Notify before leaving”.
DSCF4031 copy
Nostalgia Machine. It says “Reopen the pages that were last opened”
To close eyes machine. It says ” Do you want to close all the tabs?”. In Spanish, the word for tabs is lashes, “pestañas”.
Invisibility machine. It says: “You are invisible”.
Machine for suspended flying. It says: “Float above all”.
Machine of the irremediable. It says “It can’t be undone. It can’t be repeated”.
This project was presented at Poetic Computation: Seven Years of SFPC

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