ALTERBODIES: Landscapes of perception


“Alterbodies: Landscapes of perception”, explores the relationship and interaction between man and machines, as well as how some technologies allow us to experience the perception of the human body in different ways. As a result of this exploration, several machines were proposed that are aimed to experiment with, and modify perception.

“Alterbodies” proposes that all the fundamental interactions of the universe share a common language. Due to the existence of these interactions, from the very birth of the universe and every individual, they are indistinguishable from the silence; hence, they pass unnoticed, whether they are invisible, too abstract or have always been there.

The main approach of this project is the role of body as a bridge to intercommunicate mind and flesh with the world. It also entangles how some artistic, mathematical and gestural languages can be connected through these technological experiments; how personal perception modifies the way every individual experiences the world, and how technologies play an important part helping us perceiving it.

Some prototypes:

Telehaptic music skin

Inspired by mirror neurons, this establishes a communication bridge between one person and another through the hearing of the other´s skin.

Biolandscape machine

Sound machine which visualizes the heart beating as spatial organic tensions.

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