Ghostly Garden

How the ghost of a extinct plant could look like in the digital world? It is absolutely perfect and yet … More

Pataphysic Postal Service

Pataphysic Postal Service seeks to motivate and inspire girls between ages 6 and 11. Through co – created letters with … More


Starting from a specific space: the Design Plaza of Los Andes University, a sound exploration was carried out to design … More

Stories made without permission

One tweet, two tweets, thousands. STORIES MADE WITHOUT PERMISSION is a project that creates stories and poems with others people’s tweets. … More

Women Should?

This project is a textile book about embroider. Embroidering and un-embroidering ideas, prejudgements and achievements of women who dare to contradict ideas … More

Vertical Suits

Inspired by orthopedic and prosthetic devices, Vertical Suits is a project that seeks to explore the ways in which the … More