Botanycaring: Rethinking human-plants relationship through caring sensory interfaces  

Humans-plants relationship is known since ancient times. Nevertheless, our relationship with nature is everything but “natural” and it is an artificial construct derivative in dynamics of control focused in human well being, such as food, medicine, contemplation and even company. Botanycaring starts from a personal inquiring about our affective and intimate relationship with plants. What if we can extend our care and intimacy rituals to non humans like plants, using not only our rituals but our body sources?

This project draws a design approach inspired by Michael Pollan concept “dance of domestication”. Botanycaring proposes speculative design inspired by Pollan’s Botany of Desire’s chapters: sweetness, beauty, intoxication and control. These are used as interfaces concepts for proposing human body-plants rituals that re-think caring interactions between them.
Botanycaring discusses the need to design artifacts – meaning artificial – to re think our relationship with plants by changing its dynamics of power. Also, it looks forward to provoking questions and design explorations that ask about how we can design nature within ecologies of care, integrating the feminist perspective of care in techno-science thinking.In this spirit, an exploration of substances and human body–plants sensory artifacts was proposed. Botanycaring explores what happens if home plants dynamics
Captura de Pantalla 2019-10-06 a la(s) 4.14.06 p. m.

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