Tactiloscope: a machine to feel to see

"Tactiloscope" is an interactive artifact that poetically re-elaborates body and space by means of visual and sound representation of tactile experience. This project explores how we can make perceptual experiences, that are subjective, ostensible for others; by shaping and modifying perception. As an exploration of  concepts such as synaesthesia -mingling of the senses -, hypnagogia… Continue reading Tactiloscope: a machine to feel to see

Women Should?

This project is a textile book about embroider. Embroidering and un-embroidering ideas, prejudgements and achievements of women who dare to contradict ideas about femininity through history. The original phrases were taken from Google Search® autocomplete when written: Women can, women should, women must. Women Should? Concept, art direction and illustrations: Diana Sánchez Barrios Design and implementation: Laura Naranjo & Diana… Continue reading Women Should?