TACTILOSCOPE: Mingled senses

Tactiloscope” is an interactive artifact that poetically re-elaborates body and space by means of visual and sound representation of tactile experience.

This project explores how we can make perceptual experiences, that are subjective, ostensible for others; by shaping and modifying perception.

As an exploration of  concepts such as synesthesia -mingling of the senses -, hypnagogia – a state between wakefulness and sleep and qualias – the subjective qualities of the individual experiences-, “Tactiloscope” makes a transposition of codes, taking a language from one media to another. From visual to auditive, from tactile to sound. The braille, a tactile alphabet turns into a visual one. The touch, a corporal experience is spatialized.

The artifact consists in a tactile braille arc that is sensitive through pressure sensors. The braille arc contains a poem about blindness, “Red de mirada” (Sight Network) by Roberto Juarroz. The pressure sensors are connected to glasses with RGB LEDs, which need to be used with closed eyes. For the person directly involved, each touch corresponds to a certain combination of color over the eyes, that mimic phosphenes. For the public every touch of the user becomes a word reflected on the space.


Captura de pantalla 2017-11-25 a las 3.47.30 p.m.P1080869P1080849P1080853Captura de pantalla 2017-11-25 a las 4.12.21 p.m.

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