The DNA of every living being is unique, it’s a code that defines the existence and particular configuration of life. Although DNA can be very different from another, it’s a language that unites us. PCR technique is used in molecular biology to obtain copies of a DNA fragment. These images consist of lines, strips going up or down depending of its molecular weight. These are similar to some sound visualizations and to perforations of a piano roll.

“Genetic conversations” proposes the possibility of a dialogue linking two living beings despite the natural communication barriers. This is created through the sonification of the DNA restriction patterns (PCR), shown in agarose gel.

The music boxes show information about a Salmonella and a Tripanozoma Cruzi, respectively.  A dialogue as short or as infinite as you want, or as random as planned. Living things can become, through our DNA, consistent melodies despite what sets them apart. In the universe, all life forms are inevitable and harmoniously connected, we can imagine a loop that goes from the chemical elements to more complex beings.  Life is an eternal loop.

Agarose gel images provided by: Diana Erazo and Giuliana Daza.

Project shown at the School for Poetic Computation in the Spring of 2014.

Agarose gel






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