Foresta is a trip through a fragment of the fauna and flora of Colombia. This collection travels the river spotting macaws and discovers* among the jungles: canes of the emperor, flowers of passion and armadillos, then it* descends* into the Andean forest and is lost among ferns and spectacled bears (

Collection developed for the Colombian brand KUPA.
KUPA believes that today is a good day to start a new journey.

Illustrations and Textile Design: Diana Sánchez

kupa_tabloide93365f53657661.593c41c8e8a4a4d3fc653657661.5991262fbaf6b8ca35b53657661.593c4276e1f10Captura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 5.44.44 p.m.eba90b53657661.596918ba858abCaptura de pantalla 2017-11-30 a las 5.45.21 p.m.9a979053657661.593c4276e26f902d5bc53657661.5969191d8f7ea

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